Valitse sivu

Hello and welcome!

I started to make websites and small games under the name Avartava Productions in 2018. Having a dayjob, I could only work on my own projects part-time, though. With the limited amount of time that I had, I constantly kept thinking that I should have a more precise focus with this little business of mine. Therefore I decided to focus only on game development and change my business name as well. My new studio name is now Horros Games.

”Horros” as a word – is pretty similar to an English word ”horror”. It’s not coincidental; I’m definitely interested in developing horror games as well! But ”horros” is actually a Finnish word. It means hibernation in English: the sleep-like state where many homeothermic species, such as the hedgehog, go during winter months. Living in Finland myself, I’ve come to like cold Finnish words such as ”horros”, and so I found it to be a fitting name for my little game studio.

The front page of this website works as the main page of Horros, consisting of news articles and all my published games and games that I have worked on. Every game has a project page of its own where you can find all its information, screenshots and download/play options. I plan to keep the site small and concise. If you’d like to see more of my gamedev work behind the scenes, please follow my social media channels below.

That’s about it! I’m currently working on a little endless runner game, which goes by the name Super Fast 6-Packs. More information coming soon! 🙂