Valitse sivu

I’m happy to announce that my little endless runner game Super Fast 6-Packs is running soon! The game will be released in summer 2021.

Super Fast 6-Packs is based on a Finnish joke Juoksukaljat (Grab ’n Go beers). In short, it’s a parody endless runner where the idea is to enter a small market, grab a 6-pack of your favourite beverage, and then run out without paying. Like a greased flash of lightning! The gameplay consists of the running part where you run away from the police and try your best not to fall into the obstacles ahead.

Key features:

  • Randomly generated nordic scenery. 
  • Simple controls: tap to run, swipe up/down to jump or slide. The faster you tap, the faster you run!
  • High Score feedback based on the Finnish mindset.

Have you got rye in the wrist? Find out soon!