Valitse sivu

Roll & Rock is an HTML5 game developed in cooperation with Joensuu Games Co-op and Sharp Dis-Chord (art & audio) for NaviVeikot Oy. It’s a Finnish educative game where players solve puzzles and collect diamonds and scores by rolling a set of cubes. It has an online level editor where teachers can easily create unique game levels for their students. You can read more about the game from its website.

Roll & Rock was created in a small group where I was in charge of game programming. The game was published in 2015 and has ever since been played in multiple schools in Finland.

Key features:

  • Create game levels of any subject.
  • Choose a milieu that fits your topic.
  • Solve puzzles, help Joe collect diamonds and compete with other players.
  • Let the game do player evaluation.
  • Make learning fun!
Roll & Rock